SAIS Symposium 2020

SAIS Symposium 2020


December 4-5, 2020 as webinars

(meeting link will be shared to the registered participants by email before the event)


Organized by: School of Applied and Interdisciplinary Sciences


About the Symposium

Founded in May 2018, School of Applied and Interdisciplinary Sciences (SAIS) at IACS is now running in its’ second successful year. Research activities at SAIS span over wide-ranging advanced interdisciplinary topics including Soft Matter, Polymer and Supramolecular Science, Colloidal Science, Electronics and Photonics, Liquid Crystals, Drug Delivery, Chemical Biology, Energy Harvesting, Hybrid Functional Nanostructures etc. With a vision to encourage academic and research discussion that cross-fertilizes ideas and techniques transcending the traditional sciences-engineering-medicine barrier, SAIS is organizing the second annual symposium focusing on the interdisciplinary topics ranging from soft matter, medical biology, materials science to energy applications. The Symposium aims to provide a common platform for the exchange of knowledge among eminent scientists and young researchers from India and abroad, who are working in the emerging areas of interdisciplinary and applied science.

Focus Areas

·       Applied Nano- and Low Dimension Materials

·       Biomaterials and Biomedicine

·       Supramolecular and Macromolecular Architectures

·       Energy Harvesting

·       Materials, Electronics and Photonics

Invited Participants

1. Bart Jan Ravoo, University of Münster, Germany

2. Masayuki Takeuchi, NIMS Japan

3. Shu Seki, Kyoto University Japan

4. Chilla Malla Reddy, IISER Kolkata

5. Sayan Bhattacharya, IISER Kolkata

6. Nirmalya Ballav, IISER Pune

7. Nandita Madhavan, IIT Bombay

8. Suvarn Kulkarni, IIT Bombay

9. Subi George, JNCASR

10. Priyadarsi De, IISER Kolkata

11. Raja Shunmugam, IISER Kolkata

12. Md. Ehesan Ali, INST Mohali

13. Ankona Datta, TIFR Mumbai

14. Rajadurai Chandrashekar, University of Hyderabad

15. Nagendra K. Sharma, NISER

16. Sebastian C. Peter, JNCASR

17. Pinaki Talukdar, IISER Pune

18. Raghavan B. Sunoj, IIT Bombay

19. Chanchal Chakraborty, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad

Poster (short talks -Sponsored by the ACS)

The symposium aims to have a vibrant presentation session. 

ACS will sponsor Six Best Oral Presentation Awards
The winners will get an ACS journal certificate and a one-year complimentary ACS Membership.
All posters which were accepted before are now considered as 5 minute short talks.

Both slide and poster format for presentation are accepted.

Speakers are requested to keep their presentation time strictly within 5 minutes. 

                                         **** SAIS Symposium 2020 (Webinar)-Program Schedule*****


Registration fee:  Rs. 2000/- for all the student and research associate attendees and other participants.

 Rs. 4000/- for all the faculty attendees, contributed and invited participants.


Registration includes registration kit, 2 lunch packets and 1 dinner packet. (participants will be notified about the distribution process of the same by separate email)  



Payment should be made either through online transfer to the following bank account or by an account payee cheque to the SAIS-IACS office. The payment cheque must be drawn in favour of “SAIS Symposium”. Any remianing registration with due payment must be completed by  December 2, 2020.


* If required earlier, please contact and collect the receipt from SAIS, IACS office during the office hours. 


Bank Details:

Account Name: SAIS Symposium
Bank: HDFC
Branch: Jadavpur
Account Number: 50200036699103
IFSC Code: HDFC0001231  


The organizers of this event may be contacted through the following email address.